Origins of the JRNYERS

“Once, we lived in a world of abundant beauty - a reality we took for granted until it was no longer. The fall of our former home was expected by many, yet few were truly ready. What remained after was an inhospitable wasteland, a stark reminder of our once lush existence. From these ashes, fragments of humanity endured, beginning the battle for survival amidst scarcity and suspicion.

Four factions emerged, each embodying a unique element (Fire, Wind, Water and Earth) that defined them, sometimes metaphorically, but often quite literally. The downfall of society sparked a transformation in human values, ambitions, and convictions. Factions diverge in their aims: some yearning for peace and reconciliation, while others fan the flames of chaos and despair. Some strive to escape the shadows of the past, while others cling desperately to remnants of former power.

The doomsday reality of tomorrow has arrived, and their journey–our journey–commences. Here, the narrative of survival unfolds, weaving a tale of perseverance, struggle, and the relentless spirit of humanity–or at least, what's left of it.

Welcome to Day 1… The Awakening: Man or Metal.


The final farewell....

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Open the letter


AIURA: Your Guide from Yesterday to Tomorrow

In the dawn of our new world, amidst the steel and silence of the city, the cyborgs stirred to consciousness. Emotions surged—anger, fear, bewilderment. The leap from flesh to metal was swift, the transition jarring. As the first light of the new era touched their confused minds, a soothing presence emerged.

"Hello, I’m Aiura," a voice whispered. It came not through the air, but within the core of their being. Her image materialized in their minds; she was strong, yet graceful; bold, yet serene; a beacon of familiarity in uncharted waters. "Good Morning, my JRNYERS."

As Aiura spoke, the chaos of change softened. Her presence soothed their discontent. She was more than a guide; she was the embodiment of the world that once was—a bridge to the world that will be. With every word, she wove the old tales of green and blue into the fabric of their metallic forms, honoring the past as they stepped into the future. She also evoked vivid images of reds and oranges, demonstrating the passionate and fiery parts of their history still remained.

The future, once a distant dream, was now their reality to shape. With Aiura's guidance, the JRNYERS would not merely survive; they would thrive. They would not forget; they would learn, grow, and transform. And there, at the threshold of a new age, they stood—forever human at heart, infinitely more as beings of metal and might.

"Welcome to your new day, JRNYERS. Let us begin."